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It's a scary time of year!!!~~~We are now working on our WINTER SEASON S4E1~~~It's a little frightening because we are preparing to place our PLAY on the Stage here in New York~~~Not a challenge to be taken lightly!!!~~~Episode #1 from our FALL SEASON may be seen on YOUTUBE under "WARLOVERS on MNN-Making the Musical"~~~The FIRST Episode of our FALL Season S3E1 will be re-broadcast on December 1st~~~All Episodes may be streamed "Live" from the MNN.org Website~~~MNN Channel 2~~~ TWC 56~~~FIOS 34~~~RCN 83~~~Our FALL SEASON on MNN~ Alternating THURSDAYS @ 8 PM


ROMEO & JULIET in Vietnam.


JAMES CAINE tells the story of star-crossed lovers from his days as a young Vietnam draftee.

Now a bewildered 60 year-old he has begun seeing GHOSTS from his past. He has discovered an enchanted old piano that he believes holds the secret to "conjuring" them up.

CAINE has written a Play about his experiences and his tragic lovers but he seems to somehow sabotage his own efforts to have it produced. He finally decides to perform it alone in his loft with the help of his "Ghosts from the Past."

The real ghost is the American special forces scout THOMAS ELIJAH DANIELS. Drafted as a 17-year-old in 1967, DAN has shown a special affinity for the wild and has become the best "Lurp" in-country. Lately, though, he has become unusually independent from Command, operating on his own without a partner.

The reason? Dan has fallen in love with a beautiful and aristocratic North Vietnamese operative named LI MING SONG.

Dan and Li Ming intend to marry, but Dan does not consider himself a defector. He simply decides to "disengage" and "wait-out" the war, and then remain behind in the new Vietnam.

Dan and Li Ming have a Plan. When Dan is assigned a new partner, the young and inexperienced JAMES CAINE, they hope they can convince him to help cover their tracks. The dominating COLONEL ROBERT QUINCY MACKY will never stop pursuing Dan unless Caine reports that Dan is KIA. But if the Colonel ever finds out the truth, Caine and Daniels could both be tried for Treason.



JAMES DAVID CAINE, 60_________ Narrator, piano, US ARMY, Retired.

LI MING SONG, mid 20's______ NVA OP and Sgt. Daniels' fiance

MING TET SONG, early 20's_______LI MING'S Aristocratic sister

THOMAS E. DANIELS, mid 20's_____ Caine's first partner and ghost LURP

ROBERT QUINCY MACKY, (1936-2001)____Caine's Dominator and 2nd Personality

CYNTHIA MILAGROS SANTOS, 18________ Caine's ex-girlfriend

JAMES DAVID CAINE, 18_______ College student turned L.R.R.P.

CLIVE HIGGS-PIPER, 50's_______Cynthia's British Poly Sci Professor

ANDY MIRKOVIC, 20______Caine's upper-class roommate-confidante

GIDEON MAXWELL, 20's_____DELTA Scout, Caine's 2nd partner in Nam

CMMDR TUNG TRINH, TAK, ZACK, HUNT, 20's____Li Ming's battalion scouts


In the summer of 1964 I was 11 years old. And I can remember it was a different time in America. A more innocent time. No one seemed to use bad language. Politicians seemed to always tell the truth. The police were all polite and nice. Our institutions were held in high regard. And the only people who had tattoos were criminals or veterans from the war. It was a time before Horror movies and Gangster movies (at least in wide release). Even loud rock bands like THE BEATLES wore suits and had relatively short hair.

It was a time before drugs, before promiscuous sex, and a time before viscious street crime, at least for a young kid growing up in middle-class Rochester, New York. About the only global problems encountered by us kids was when we were told to finish our food by our mothers because there were starving children in China. But a series of events occuring half a world away would conspire to shatter this delicate American innocence forever...


On the evening of August 4th, 1964, it was hot, dark and misty in the Gulf of Tonkin as two American battleships, the USS MADDOX and the USS TURNER-JOY, began their patrol of these waters off the coast of North Vietnam. !--(Although Wahington and Hanoi were not officially at war, the Americans had set up SEATO, the South East Asian Treaty Organization, in direct opposition to the Geneva Peace Accords of 1954, effectively blocking national elections.)--!

As the evening wore on, a violent thunder cell swept up the slot from the Indonesian Spice Islands. As the storm eventually engulfed the ships, the electrical activity in the swirling cell wreaked havoc with the sensitive RADAR and SONAR systems of the day.

First the RADAR operator reported possible contact, but he couldn't be sure. Perhaps two or three small gunboats. The SONAR report was inconclusive. There was simply too much electrical interference for accurate readings. As a precaution, several rounds were discharged topside in the direction of the vector. As the night continued, though, no actual contact was ever established. Earlier in the evening, however, a radio report had been sent out informing command of the incident.

Six days later, in Washington, President Lyndon B. Johnson used this unsubstantiated incident to ask Congress to pass the so-called GULF OF TONKIN RESOLUTION, officially beginning the "American" war in Vietnam.